Dauntless & Divine

embrace your SELF-LOVE WARRIOR

You are a…

Self-love warrior!

We are divine beings with inherent beauty, strength, and abilities that allow us to fulfill our unique and individual potential. My mission is to help women boldly recognize and embrace their divinity. I hope for you to discover and accept your inner self-love warrior and know you are full of talent, love, creativity, light, and so much more.

Join the 28-day self-love challenge

This FREE 28-day “23 for Divine Me” health challenge focuses on a healthier mind, body, and soul.

2023 is the year to truly take our health into our own hands. For too long I have let anxiety and excuses keep me from embracing my healthy divine self. Not anymore. Are you with me? Let’s feel good in our mind, body, and spirit, not just look good in our jeans.

Join me and take this challenge one month at a time, because “step by step” really works. No need to get overwhelmed with an entire year. Let’s just focus on the next 28 days.


Divivne Yoga

Discover peace, purpose, and growth in a beautiful and creative yoga practice that focuses on mind, body, and soul.

With Divine Yoga, my goal is to provide an affordable, robust, and beautiful at-home/online yoga and healing program. I always make streaming videos and other fitness and health content with you in mind. I want you to feel powerful, divine, and full of love.

I wrote

A Book!

Brita On Fire is a short novella about a girl who discovers an ability that devastates her family. After years of living with guilt and grief, she must overcome fear and embrace her ability in order to escape a dark fate.

discover. embrace. empower.

Boldy discover and embrace your beautiful divinity and self-love, and then empower others to do the same.

Hello! I’m Sara

Self-love Warrior, yogi, and author

My goal is to help other women feel love, especially from and for themselves. I may not know you, but I know you’re divine and deserve to feel loved. I hope you’ll stick around, find your bold voice, and embrace your inner self-love warrior.