hey there!

I’m Sara Ann Comte

Author, yogi, and self-love warrior.

I am so happy you’re here and hope you find content that touches your soul and helps you grow in mind, body, and spirit.

My mission is to help women recognize and embrace their divinity, becoming self-love warriors, knowing they are full of talent, love, creativity, light, and so much more.

You are a daughter of God-THE DEVINE-and as such you have amazing beauty, strength, and abilities that are meant to shine.

Everything I create here is for you, in hopes you will become a self-love warrior, embrace your divinity, and let yourself shine.

A little about my writing

I love writing because it is a powerful tool for mental and spiritual health.
I have been writing since I was a kid–staying in from recess to put the finishing touches on my story, playing “author” by myself, and staying up late to write the stories in my head.

Since childhood my love for writing has grown into journaling, blogging, and even publishing a short novella. All of these writing modalities have played a great part in my mental and spiritual health and now I share what I’ve learned along with my personal writings with you.

I hope from my creations here, you’ll learn that writing is a powerful tool to help us process mental information, manifest our dreams, embrace positivity, understand our fears, and so much more. It truly can be a great tool for healing.

I teach yoga!

I started my yoga journey as a dabbler, but truly embraced it four years ago when I struggled with anxiety and self-love. Yoga has helped me overcome feelings of self-doubt and embrace my divine worth. Having received my 200 RYT in 2019, I’m on a mission to help women embrace their self-love and divine worth through building and strengthening their mind, body, and spirit and helping them appreciate their inherent beauty, strength, and ability.

discover. Embrace. empower.

everything i create is with you in mind, hoping you’ll use my creations to discover and embrace your beautiful divinity and then empower others to do the same.