Brita on Fire

“The morning of my birthday I woke to the sight of the brown walls of the motel room and cried. Mom would not be in the kitchen baking banana-flavored cake. Garret would not run in my room with one of his home-made cards, jump on my bed, and yell, “Happy birthday!” And dad would not be in the garage putting the finishing touches on one of his annual birthday boxes. I would never have a birthday like that again.” – Excerpt from Brita On Fire, Book 1

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I was absolutely riveted from the start. The story pulls you in and keeps you fully engaged with a beautifully written plot and absolutely believable cast of characters. I can’t wait for the next book to come out! Well done!!!


Fun, quick read from first person perspective. Can’t wait to read on and see what happens to Brita when the next installment becomes available.


Couldn’t put it down and now I have to wait for the next book, ugh!

About Brita On Fire

Can Brita escape a dark fate?

When Brita is nine-years-old, she discovers an ability that takes the lives of her mother and brother. Overcome with grief and guilt, she seeks comfort from her father. But he can’t or refuses to offer it and sends Brita away to a mysterious place called The Facility. It is filled with doctors and guards who are curious about her and what she can do. Brita is tested, prodded, and trained to control her dangerous power. But to what end?

Brita views her ability as a curse and hopes to one day be rid of it. But The Facility has other plans.​

Brita On Fire is available in print and digital.


The Author

Author Sara Ann Comte is a fiction writer who focuses on stories about characters who are forced into an experience to help them discover their divine strength, beauty, and ability. “Brita On Fire” is no exception. Check out more books by Sara here.