Embracing your divinity,

and lovING who you are!

Hi! I’m Sara

Author, yogi, & self-love warrior

I believe we are divine beings with inherent beauty, strength, and abilities that allow us to fulfill our unique and individual potential. My mission is to help women recognize and embrace their divine worth, becoming self-love warriors, knowing they are full of talent, love, creativity, light, and so much more.


Divine Yoga

Embrace your divinity and discover peace, purpose, and growth in a beautiful and creative yoga practice.

discover. embrace. empower.

Everything I create is with you in mind, hoping you’ll use these creations to discover and embrace your beautiful divinity and then empower others to do the same.

I wrote

A Book!

Brita On Fire is about a girl who discovers an ability that devastates her family. After years of living with guilt and grief, she must overcome fear and embrace her ability to escape a dark fate.