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I’m Sara Ann Comte

Quick overview: Sara Ann Comte is an author who creates for readers to experience imagination, adventure, magic, and, of course, joy.

I have been writing since I was a kid—staying in from recess to put the finishing touches on my story, playing “author” for fun, and staying up late to write the stories in my head.

Since childhood my love for writing has grown into journaling, blogging, and publishing a short novella. I write for my mental health, for the characters that yearn to live, for the experiences that must be shared, and for the things we can all learn from a fiction or nonfiction story.

From my creations, I hope you’ll find imagination, adventure, and magic. I hope you find characters and anecdotes you can relate to, that teach that you too are powerful, beautiful, smart, strong, and capable.

But most of all, I hope you find joy in what you read.

Brita On Fire

by author Sara Ann Comte

Brita On Fire is a short novella about a girl who discovers an ability that devastates her family. After years of living with guilt and grief, she must overcome fear and embrace her ability in order to escape a dark fate.

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the best part of writing is sharing stories with good friends.

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Here are some random facts

  • I love Spider-Man! I watched the 90s cartoon in high school and took my MORP date to see the Toby McGuire first movie instead of going to the dance. I was beyond excited with the release of the Spider-verse that brought all three big-screen Spider-Man actors to one movie. And, yes, I love me some Spider-Man merch.
  • Baking is my love language. Cakes, cookies, pies…. yum! I love baking and creating something my tastebuds will dance to. And the experience is so much better when I can share it with someone.
  • I teach yoga. You probably guessed that through my site. But I love it! Yoga is my form of creative movement. It calms my mind and pushes me to try new things. To me, a good yoga practice is when I move all my limbs in a energized flow and then lay in sivasana and feel my muscles vibrate.
  • My family means everything to me. I’ve been married to my best friend for over 11 years. We have a beautiful daughter and a silly puppy. And, we enjoy life on our little piece of land we’re turning into a homestead.